Happy 4th of July and Welcome to My Chicas Place.com!

Hello Chicas!
Happy 4th of July! Today is the day we celebrate our nation’s independence. It is also the first day that I chose to officially launch My Chica’s Place.com. I am so excited to be a part of this great country that allows me to have my own personal freedoms and liberties. I don’t take that for granted and I am sincerely grateful to live in a place that supports people who want to make a better life for themselves and to follow their dreams.

One of the things that I am so happy to have, is the Freedom of Speech. Through this liberty, I am blessed to be able to have a voice and a vehicle in which I can freely express my thoughts, opinions, and feelings. With that said, I hope you visit often My Chica’s Place to share your thoughts, opinions and feelings too. My intention is to offer a place for our sisterhood to make connections, celebrate, inspire, appreciate, and uplift each other. I look forward to your joining our sisterhood and celebrating your successes and wins with me and all the chicas that makeup our new sisterhood.

Each one of us is special and unique in our own way. You never know when someone might need to hear or be touched by the very thing you share. I was told a very long time ago that, “most people don’t care how much you know, but they do want to know, how much you care.” That quote has stayed with me ever since I heard it in my early twenties. People want to know they matter, and they want to be validated. They might not remember your name or the accolades you’ve accomplished, however, they will always remember how you made them feel and the imprint you left in their hearts.

As part our sisterhood, I want you feel special, unique, appreciated, and validated. I hope you stop by and get your “chica fix” and continue to support and grow our sisterhood. We are all in this together, and together we can make a difference in someone’s life. Please feel free to forward my site to your own chicas, so we can continue to grow and expand our chica network and sisterhood. I also invite you to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail letting me know you visited. I appreciate you all, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Until next time my chicas..Be safe, be well, and Happy 4th of July!


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